Lark & Berry Launches “Lark & Berry Match,” the Ultimate Luxury Shopping Destination.

 Are you ready for a new luxury shopping experience? Lark & Berry, the leading designer of lab-grown jewellery, is proud to announce the launch of its newest platform, Lark & Berry Match. This new shopping portal is made solely of “must-have” items and features the world's widest collection of unique and disruptive high-end fashion brands, including accessories, apparel, and jewellery.

 “For when your jewellery needs an outfit,” remarked Lark & Berry, and now, Match founder Laura Chavez. “That was a tagline we came up with kind of late in the game, and I feel it perfectly sums up what we’re doing here with Match.”


It’s a “Match” made in Heaven in more ways than one.

Not only is Lark & Berry fine jewellery - who uses only created diamonds and stones - helping you pair your designer pieces with amazing and unique designer, casual and lifestyle luxury clothing – but all of that clothing? It’s also made by brands designing and creating with sustainability in mind.

All this makes Lark & Berry Match the ultimate destination for luxury shopping, catering to all your desires for original, luxury fashion – the kind that you’re just not seeing out there anywhere else – and from brands with unique stories to tell.

Lark & Berry Match offers a curated selection of the most innovative and disruptive luxury brands.

Each brand has been carefully selected for its unique story and commitment to better and innovative production practices. For example, one of the Match brands features a factory exclusively employed with only single mothers. Another makes zero carbon emissions dresses. There is even a brand creating designer sunglasses made 100% sustainably, with proceeds from each pair purchased used to help fund vision care in Africa.

The brands featured on Lark & Berry Match are dedicated to giving back to communities and helping people, ensuring that you can shop with a clear conscience.

The platform features a wide range of luxury fashion items, including handbags, loungewear, casual and formal wear, shoes and sunglasses. Lark & Berry Match also showcases a range of lab-grown gemstone jewellery brands, including Alondra, Simple Diamond, Starry Nights, Ear Envy and Noah C.W. – these brands cater to a vast array of tastes and styles.

“We’re so excited to launch this new shopping portal,” Chavez added. “We believe in connecting customers with luxury brands that share our passion for creating high-quality and unique products, coupled with better and innovative production practices and a dedication to giving back to communities and helping people."
Lark & Berry Match goes beyond just selling luxury products. The platform showcases brands that have exceptional quality and are creating in unique ways.

These are brands that have great stories to tell, and their inspirations will compel customers to wear their items proudly. This type of natural, 100% genuine passion to create shows in the products one produces, and whether the customer even consciously realizes it or not, it’s all making for a piece of clothing or accessory they will absolutely love.
Lark & Berry founder Laura Chavez explained, "Just as we helped disrupt the old diamond mining industry, I wanted to go beyond jewellery and create a platform where we “Match” with luxury brands from all around the world who share our passion for creating; brands who are disrupting their respective corners of the market, just like how Lark & Berry helped pave a new way forward for luxury jewellery."

Visit Lark & Berry Match today at LBmatch.co or larkandberrymatch.com to start shopping, and discover a new world of luxury fashion. Don't forget to follow Lark & Berry Match on Instagram @larkandberry.match for the latest updates and fashion inspiration.

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